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The Blacktown Mount Druitt Clinical School and Research Centre is a multi-disciplinary facility for research and teaching based at the Western Sydney University campus at Blacktown Hospital. With a rapidly expanding Blacktown Hospital precinct, the Blacktown Mount Druitt Clinical School and Research Centre is accommodating a broad range of clinical and laboratory-based research activities focusing on endocrinology, metabolism, immunity and cancer, among others.

Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals Research Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024

BMDH startegic plan 2019 2014


About Us

Located adjacent to Blacktown Hospital, and containing research labs, teaching space and a clinic purpose designed for trials, the WSU Blacktown Mt Druitt Clinical School and Research Centre is situated at the junction of academia, research, industry and public health. The Clinical School and Research Centre was opened in 2011 as a joint venture between the Western Sydney Local Health District and the School of Medicine, Western Sydney University. Since then, it has brought together clinicians, teachers and researchers, conducting a broad array of clinical and basic science projects in the fields of obesity and metabolism, endocrinology, immunity and inflammation, psychiatry and public health. Our proximity to Blacktown Hospital has enabled significant collaboration with health professionals to tackle the issues facing communities in Western Sydney, and around the world.

A massive collaborative effort is currently being put forth at the Blacktown precinct to study the effects of bariatric surgery as a treatment for obesity and obesity-related disease. National statistics from Australian sources predict that normal-weight adults will constitute less than a third of the population by 2025, and that the prevalence of obesity will have increased by 65%. We aim to generate a large, well characterised cohort of patients undergoing bariatric surgery, from which clinical specimens and information will be collected longitudinally. Performing clinical and metabolic, immune and microbial profiling, tissue banking and clinico-pathological correlation, we will aim to better understand the complex and dynamic interplay between lifestyle, metabolomics, genetics, microbiome and inflammation.

Our Focus

  • Metabolic Research
    • Role of exercise in prostate cancer
    • Diabetes drugs for cancer treatment
    • Decorin hormonal regulation
    • Lipidomics to predict gestational diabetes and macrosomia
  • Liver Immunology and Inflammation
    • Chronic viral hepatitis
    • Hepatic innate immunity
    • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
    • Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
  • Obesity
    • Longitudinal bariatric surgery studies
    • Obesity related pathologies
    • Microbiome analysis
  • Diabetes and Endocrinology
    • Follow-up after gestational diabetes
    • Liver disease and bone health
    • Type 2 diabetes treatments
    • Diabetes in pregnancy
    • Multicultural health 

Our Team

  • Metabolic Research
    • Prof Mark McLean
    • Dr Vita Birzniece
    • Dr Haleh Shahidipour
  • Liver Immunology and Inflammation
    • Prof Golo Ahlenstiel
    • Dr Scott Read
    • Dr Ratna Wijaya
    • Dr Dmitrii Shek
  • Obesity Research and Bariatric Surgery Program
    • Dr Ramy Bishay
    • Prof Michael Edye
    • Sarah Messer
  • Diabetes and Endocrinology
    • Dr Sue Lynn Lau
    • Dr Tien-Ming Hng
    • Dr Anna Duke
    • Allison Sigmund
    • Anna Bubb
    • Susan Hendon
  • Symptom Management and Modification
    • Prof Philip Newton
    • Dr Caleb Ferguson
    • Dr Anjalee Amarasekera

Contact Information

General Enquiries

Catherine Buckingham
Senior Administrative Officer to Professor Golo Ahlenstiel
University Clinic Blacktown, Manager
School of Medicine - Blacktown Clinical School
Western Sydney University
Phone: 02 9851 6073


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