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Blacktown and Mt Druitt Hospitals (BMDH) are experiencing a phase of extraordinary growth in services, facilities and staffing. BMDH is emerging as a major academic and teaching hospital, and as part of this new identity we are developing research as a key activity.

About Us

Why do we want to do research at BMDH? Isn’t it enough to simply deliver good quality healthcare? Actually, good quality healthcare and research are really inseparable: Health research has a very high value to society. It generates new knowledge and, importantly, seeks to translate that knowledge into better delivery of care. It is important that we participate in this because the research questions and the translation challenges are different in every population and location. Development of research at BMDH, alongside our clinical care, will make us better health care providers, better teachers.

A great advantage for research at BMDH is the co-location of the Western Sydney University Blacktown Mt Druitt Clinical School and Research Centre at the Blacktown Hospital Campus. The facility houses research labs, teaching space and a clinic purpose designed for clinical trials. , the WSU is situated at the junction of academia, research, industry and public health. This brings together clinicians, teachers and researchers, conducting a broad array of clinical and basic science projects.

As you will see from the website, research at BMDH is undertaken is a wide variety of fields, just like the heath care we provide. It stretches from the before birth to the end of life; from studying microbes in our intestines to health in a community context, all aspects of health - both physical and mental. We want to better understand all aspects of health; so we can do more and do it better. That is what our research is all about!


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Golo Ahlenstiel
Director for Research BMDH

Mark Smith
BMDH Research Committee Secretariat

Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals Research Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024

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