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Research at Westmead ICU is underpinned by our strong commitment towards the provision of high quality, evidence-based care to all patients. While patient care remains our priority, research activity in ICU has made substantial progress over the last 12 years.

Clinical research at Westmead ICU has involved epidemiological studies, collaborative multi-centre trials, commercially funded studies or single-centre, investigator-initiated retrospective or observational studies. Research has encompassed topics that have been wide and variable. As a result of an existing collaboration with ANZICS-CTG and the Centre for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, research themes have mainly centred upon fluids in the critically ill, therapies in traumatic brain injury, innovative approach to antibiotic therapy and sepsis in the critically ill. There is a growing interest in health services research focussed on topics dealing with organisation of patient care in hospital, hospital systems and processes of care, work force and infection control. Health services research is enabled by the ICU database and the bi-national ANZICS-CORE database.

Nurses, junior and senior medical staff and students are able to undertake research, present their findings at national meetings or publish their findings in peer reviewed journals. In this endeavour, staff are well supported by the ICU Research office, a full-time Research co-ordinator and a Senior ICU clinician.



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