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Research in Geriatric Medicine Department focuses on clinical models of care to facilitate early access and appropriate care for older patients in hospital and community. The “GREAT” service is an example of such an initiative for older nursing home patients, as outlined below.


GREAT Service

The GREAT (Geriatric Rapid Evaluation, Assessment & Treatment) service is an outreach program of Westmead Hospital’s Geriatric Medicine Department. It resulted from the ongoing continuous improvement methodology operating within that department. Aim is to assist RACFs by facilitating appropriate admissions to and timely discharges from Westmead and preventing inappropriate admissions through provision of clinical support and education to the RACFs and residents’ families/carers. The service has resulted in improved patient outcomes, improved care and staff satisfaction and an estimated savings of 7.7 million.

In addition, there has been research conducted into barriers for development for advance care plans in nursing homes.

Ongoing research in Geriatric surgical liaison service and its impact on older persons length of stay and outcomes.



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