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Emergency Medicine Research Unit

The EMRU was set up in 2008 to promote and oversee research at Westmead Emergency. All trainees at Westmead Emergency are required to follow the process for conducting research within this department, in conjunction with their chosen supervisor and the EMRU.


Please contact A/Prof Andrew Coggins regarding all research enquiries.


Margaret Murphy, BN MHlthSc(Ed), BN Clinical Nurse Consultant, Emergency Services Co Director Emergency Medicine Research Unit

Margaret MurphyCareer summary and Overall Track Record in the last 5 years

Margaret is a clinical nurse consultant at Westmead Hospital, Sydney. She brings over 26 years of experience as a senior emergency nurse clinician, leader, and change agent. In addition to working in emergency, Margaret has had experience and qualifications in Intensive Care, Mental Health, Change Management and Education. Margaret has worked as a principal project officer at the NSW Ministry of Health and has been a content expert for several Commissions of Inquiry (Special Commission of Inquiry into the Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals; Hughes Walters Inquiry into early pregnancy care in NSW Emergency Departments; Drug inquiry into amphetamine use in NSW). She holds executive and advisory positions with NSW Health and Emergency Care Institute.  Margaret has consulted nationally and internationally on emergency care and participated in teaching programs in Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangkok. She has been recognised by peers with awards that include Westmead Hospital Nurse of the Year.

Margaret’s research has focused on demonstrating an association between team training, improved health service delivery and patient outcomes in major trauma patients. This research has been translated into recommendations for training curriculum and implementation methods. Margaret has published 24 peer-reviewed articles, been cited over 100 times and received five Grants and Scholarships totalling 80K for her program of research on trauma team training.

Top 5 Publications in past 5 years.

  1. Murphy et al (2019) Implementation Science 14(43). Using theories of behaviour change to transition multidisciplinary trauma team training from the training environment to clinical practice. This paper outlines how lesson learnt in simulation can be implemented into clinical practice, using a behaviour change theory approach. This paper was presented at the 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Trauma Society and won highest score in oral presentation category.
  2. Murphy et al (2018) Injury 49(5):953-958. Simulation-based multidisciplinary team training decreases time to critical operations for trauma patients. This is the first paper to demonstrate an association between training resuscitation teams in simulation and improved patient outcomes.
  3. Murphy et al (2016) Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal 19(1), 44-53. What is the impact of multidisciplinary team simulation training on team performance and efficiency of patient care? An integrative review. This article has reached 50 citations and won best the ‘Philippa Moore Publication Prize’ at 13th International Conference for Emergency Nurses in 2016.
  4. Murphy et al (2018) Australasian Emergency Care 21 (4), 143-149. This paper describes factors that influence team training and the transition of lessons learnt from the training environment to clinical practice. This paper won best paper at the 17th International Conference for emergency Nurses.
  5. Wand T….Murphy M (2020) Emergency Medicine Australia, doi:10.1111/1742-6723.13511. Multi-site study exploring the experiences of security staff responding to mental health, drug health and behavioural challenges in the emergency department. Addressed a need for practical advice on research translational for emergency clinicians.

Prizes, awards and honours:
Margaret has won three awards for research including best publication of 2016 and 2019 by College of Emergency Nursing Association and Western Sydney Local Health District Researcher of the Year (2017). Her conference presentations has received two awards including best oral nursing presentation and highest score in oral presentation category at the 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Trauma Society. Margaret featured in a 2020 profile series honouring the skills and commitment of nurses in NSW.

Grants and Scholarships:
Motor Accident Authority Small Grant Scheme -$14,000
Awarded for research into trauma and motor accidents

WSLHD Research & Education Network Research Grant Scheme - $31,879
Awarded by WSLHD to early career researchers to promote and research development and build research capacity amongst clinicians

Ian O’Rourke Scholarship in Patient Safety 2017 - $10,000
Awarded by the Clinical Excellence commission to candidates completing a PhD to develop future leaders of patient safety 

Britton Craigie Scholarship 2018 - $15,000
Awarded to a high performing PhD student who is completing research within the Sydney Nursing School, The University of Nursing

Thyne Reid Foundation 2020 - $358,091
Implementing evidence to improve access, equity and quality of emergency and trauma care and maximise patient and health service outcomes. Thyne Reid Foundation. Curtis K, Fry M, Considine J, Murphy M, Shaban R


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