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4.10 Requirement for Emergency Department Registrars

All advanced trainees are required by the ACEM to complete a research study as part of their training (Link to: ACEM Regulation 4.10). Click here for more information about the Alternative Pathway.

All trainees at Westmead Emergency are required to follow the process for conducting research within this department, in conjunction with their chosen supervisor and the EMRU.
  1. Select a research idea & perform literature review
  2. Choose a supervisor (must be a FACEM)
  3. Meet with Statistician regarding sample & data analysis
  4. Submit a detailed scientific proposal
  5. Obtain in-principle support/approval from ED Director/EMRU
  6. Obtain HREC (Ethics committee) approval (usually necessary)
  7. Commence study & data collection
  8. Provide regular updates on study progress to Supervisor/EMRU
  9. Complete study and data analysis
  10. Present or publish study at an approved forum or peer-reviewed journal

Trainees are encouraged to discuss their research ideas and proposals at the earliest opportunity.

More information regarding the 4.10 regulation is available from the ACEM website.


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