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Nursing and Midwifery Research is undertaken throughout WSLHD. Some of the current research goals include the promotion of nursing involvement in translational research in nursing and midwifery, developing a culture of nursing & midwifery research, and develop collaborative research projects.


Our research purpose

Promotion and support for the development of Nursing and Midwifery Research within WSLHD.


Current goals

  • To develop a model for a Nursing Research Centre
  • Work with R&E Network to develop a nursing research infrastructure
  • To establish a development framework and educational opportunities to promote, support and mentor nursing researchers
  • Establish, review, evaluate and prioritise LHD wide strategic organisational needs for particular research programs particular to Nursing and Midwifery
  • Identify research priorities and strategic directions that support WSLHD, state and national priorities in health and workforce planning and development, eg research co-ordinators
  • Foster the development of research skills in Nursing
  • Identify research funding opportunities for nursing and midwifery research
  • Promote translational research in nursing and midwifery and promote nursing involvement in translational research within the LHD
  • To develop a culture of nursing/midwifery research with LDH
  • To promote the development of collaborative nursing/midwifery research projects
  • To establish forums where nurses/midwives can find support for research projects
  • To promote visibility of nursing/midwifery research
  • To encourage and support nurses/midwifes with their research funding applications



Please direct any research enquiries to REN.



  • Presenting your manuscript
  • Dealing with reviewers' comments
  • The peer review process
  • Submitting a manuscript
  • What happens to my manuscript after submission?

WSLHD Nursing Research Steering Committee

  • Terms of Reference
  • Nursing Research Flowchart
  • Nursing Research Register
  • WSLHD Research Network

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