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The WSLHD REN maintains appropriately equipped facilities for animal research purposes within the Department of Animal Care.

The WSLHD Animal Ethics Committee reviews and approves all submissions relating to the use of animals on the WSLHD precinct as per the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes (8th Ed. 2013) and the NSW Animal Research Act 1985 and Regulation 2010.

Advice and assistance regarding all aspects of animal research is available from the Animal Ethics Office, Department of Animal Care.


Animal Research Compliance and Support Research Functions

  • Manage animal research ensuring a high standard of hygiene, husbandry and animal welfare
  • Facilitate the approval, monitoring and reporting of all animal research in compliance with government legislation and regulations
  • Support the Animal Ethics Committee
  • Provide service and training to researchers
  • Provide expert veterinary consultation, guidance and instruction on surgical, anaesthetic and medical matters.
  • Licenced Authority to supply drugs of addiction and therapeutics to researchers for animal research purposes.




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