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Research Ethics and Governance Information System (REGIS) REGIS is the portal used to manage all ethics and site governance approvals of human research projects in NSW, TAS, ACT Public Health Organisations (PHOs), Allied Health Organisations (AHOs) and local health districts (LHDs)


The system is used to help researchers submit and track the progress of their ethics and governance applications, in terms of approvals and authorisations. The first step in the process is to Register your application in REGIS:

The REGIS Team have provided a comprehensive guide to apply for research and more information can be found via the login below.

REGIS learn more
Please click on image to access REGIS website login


To view all REGIS Quick Reference Guides to assist in submitting your application, please follow this link
Go to REGIS Quick Reference Guides (QRGs): REGISTRATION including NMA
Follow the QRG
Once the project is registered please follow the QRG
Helpful 'how to' information and video content from eHealth NSW REGIS and the Office for Health and Medical Research's Ethics and Governance Unit, these videos will support those submitting applications through REGIS:

REGIS training videos
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