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Research within Surgery - Westmead

Research is strongly encouraged and supported by our Network

There are strong ties to the University of Sydney and Clinical School Westmead 

Two of our Network Team members Professor Henry Pleass and Associate Professor Vincent Lam have given a number of topics which are potential projects that will be uploaded on the Sydney University website.

Westmead Surgical Research Education Centre - S.R.E.C

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Surgical trainees and interested students and staff are encouraged to attend the Westmead SREC meetings, held within the WECC, Theatre 4, on a 6 weekly basis. This is to foster the culture of research, with the aim of increasing the number of publications and presentations from the Westmead surgical group. Projects are discussed and collaborations may be formed, with contact with relevant interested Specialists.

Many Surgical trainees are completing an MS, while some may wish to enrol in a PhD during their training. It is hoped that Westmead SREC, will help encourage those interested in a Surgical career and stimulate research and educational ideas, into active learning opportunities and academic success.

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