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13/10/2018 A novel, customized 3D-printed perfusion chamber for
normothermic machine perfusion of the kidney.
Ahmer Hameed
Suat Dervish
Natasha Rogers
Henry Pleass
Wayne Hawthorne
Wayne Hawthorne on 15/10/2018
Aortic versus Dual Perfusion for Retrieval of the
DBD Liver - a National Registry Analysis.
Ahmer M Hameed
Tony Pang
Peter Yoon
Glenda Balderson
Ronald De Roo
Lawrence Yuen
Vincent Lam
Jerome Laurence
Michael Crawford
Richard D M Allen
Wayne J Hawthorne
Henry C Pleass
Vincent Lam on 11/09/2018
Australia and New Zealand Islets and Pancreas Transplant Registry
Annual Report 2018-Pancreas Waiting List, Recipients, and Donors.
Angela C Webster
James Hedley
Paul Robertson
William R Mulley
Helen L Pilmore
Henry Pleass
Patrick J Kelly
Angela Webster on 02/12/2018
Challenges of kidney paired donation transplants involving multiple
donor and recipient surgeons across Australia.
Richard D M Allen
Henry C C Pleass
Claudia Woodroffe
Philip A Clayton
Paolo Ferrari
Henry Pleass on 18/04/2016
Extra-corporeal normothermic machine perfusion of the porcine kidney:
working towards future utilization in Australasia.
Ahmer M Hameed
Ray Miraziz
David B Lu
Neil Warwick
Ali El-Ayoubi
Heather Burns
Yi Vee Chew
Ross Matthews
Greg O'Grady
Lawrence Yuen
Natasha Rogers
Henry C Pleass
Wayne J Hawthorne
Wayne Hawthorne on 16/12/2017
Optimal culture methods and microbial contamination during
kidney ex vivo normothermic perfusion.
Sara Shahrestani
Ahmer Hameed
Kerry Hitos
Henry Pleass
Wayne J Hawthorne
Wayne Hawthorne on 01/06/2018
Optimal surgical management in kidney and pancreas transplantation to minimise
wound complications: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Sara Shahrestani
Hanh Minh Tran
Henry C Pleass
Wayne J Hawthorne
Henry Pleass on 11/09/2018
Rare case of Bouveret syndrome. Angelina Marina Di Re
Gratian Punch
Arthur J Richardson
Henry Pleass

Henry Pleass on 02/11/2017
Reply to Letter "Liver preservation solutions: Absence of proof is
not proof of absence".
Ahmer M Hameed
Jerome M Laurence
Vincent W T Lam
Henry C Pleass
Wayne J Hawthorne
Wayne Hawthorne on 10/05/2018
Techniques to Ameliorate the Impact of Second Warm Ischemic
Time on Kidney Transplantation Outcomes.
A M Hameed
L Yuen
T Pang
N Rogers
W J Hawthorne
H C Pleass
Wayne Hawthorne on 24/12/2018
The Evolution of Kidney Transplantation Surgery into the
Robotic Era and it prospects for obese recipients.
Ahmer M Hameed
Jinna Yao
Richard D M Allen
Wayne J Hawthorne
Henry C Pleass
Howard Lau
Wayne Hawthorne on 18/07/2018
Weekend effect on early allograft outcome after kidney
transplantation - a multi-centre cohort study.

Wai H Lim
Patrick T Coates
Graeme R Russ
Christine Russell
Bulang He
Bryon Jaques
Henry Pleass
Jeremy R Chapman
Germaine Wong
Henry Pleass on 19/11/2018

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