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1. Building on the work completed by Ahmer Hameed as part of his PhD thesis, we plan to initiate normothermic machine perfusion into the clinical setting following ethics approval. A TGA approved normothermic machine perfusion device for Kidneys has been purchased and a project grant from the RACS for $100,000 has been awarded to cover the disposables for this study. Ideally another surgeon or surgical trainee who wishes to embark on a PhD, would be ideal for this first in Australia project. Collaborations with Dr Natasha Rogers and Prof Wayne Hawthorne are ongoing and the science behind machine preservation is largely unknown, particularly with respect to optimum pressures, temperature, duration of perfusion and additives to the circuit.


2. Prof Wayne Hawthorne, based within both the Department of Surgery and WIMR is a world renown expert in both Pancreatic islet cell research, as well as islet xenograft research with an active and thriving laboratory and multiple funded projects ongoing.


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