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Westmead hospital is home to the Federally funded National Pancreas Transplant Unit, one of two such units within Australia. As such much of our clinical research has focussed on Pancreas graft and patient outcomes. We have also supervised two PhD students over the last 3 years, one full time and one part time, the former submitting their thesis on improving organ transplant outcomes through amelioration of the ischaemia reperfusion injury, in December. Both have been highly successful in terms of publications, as well as national recognition by both funding and invited lecture requests.


Current clinical projects include the following:
  1. Enteric leaks in the current Pancreas Tx population.
  2. Non adherence to medication, clinical outcomes and financial costs
  3. Investigation of stakeholders attitudes to non adherence and whether such patients should be re-grafted
  4. The role of biopsy in determining graft use or discard, a systematic review
  5. Review of deceased donor weight compared with recipient weight and Liver transplant outcomes
  6. The financial burden of Pancreas Tx morbidity - supervised by A/Prof Kerry Hitos


Current Biomed Engineering collaboration
  1. Development of an insulating jacket to facilitate reduction in the warm ischaemic injury that occurs during the vascular anastomoses. Prototype developed, awaiting testing for insulating properties, prior to clinical pilot study.
  2. Development of an automated pill dispenser to reduce drug non adherence.


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