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Welcome to the University of Sydney, Department of Rheumatology at Westmead Hospital website.
Our department provides both in-patient and out-patient facilities and research laboratories for the treatment and study of rheumatic conditions.

We aim to:
  • teach clinical aspects of medical rheumatology to undergraduates, residents and vocational trainees. The unit has an advanced trainee programme that incorporates both a clinical, paediatric and research component.
  • provide a centre of excellence for rheumatological research. The research we offer ranges from short projects (e.g. summer students, elective/option terms) to long-term MD/PhD projects.
  • provide a tertiary clinical referral centre for the study and management of rarer and more complicated connective tissue disorders.

We are an active research unit with a number of different research projects. Our two broad areas of study are
  • in the field of drug design
  • the delivery and molecular biology of rheumatic disease

History of our department

An academic position was established in 1997 following a donation from NSW Arthritis to supplement existing University Sydney and Westmead Hospital funds to create a senior lecturer position. The driving force for the new position was NSW Arthritis commitment to its members, the hospitals need to provide a clinical service to a population of over one million people, and the increased University of Sydney demand for teaching the new graduate medical program.

Since then, our department has received ongoing support from NSW Arthritis. We in turn provide support to people living with arthritis/musculoskeletal problems in the western Sydney area, medical graduates, students and researchers.


Westmead Rheumatology Department Staff Contact Details 2019

For appointments or enquiries for Private Consulting Rooms: (02) 8890 8099 or fax referral (02) 8890 8317
For appointments for University Clinic (Medicare Bulk-Billed): (02) 8890 6544 or fax referral (02) 8890 8333

Name Phone / Extn   Mobile / Page
Fax and Email
Professor Nicholas Manolios 8890 8099

8890 8317

Beatrice Chung

Rheumatology Secretary
8890 8099

8890 8317

A/Prof Peter Wong

Senior Staff Specialist
8890 8099

8890 8317

Dr Tien Tay

Suite 306, 151 Hawkesbury Road

9891 1052

8890 8317

Dr Kiri Langford


8890 8099 # 27244

8890 8317

Dr Beverly Ng


8890 8099

# 27248

(For Blacktown Hospital)

8890 8317
Emeritus Consultant, Visiting Medical Officer
Dr Graydon Howe
Suite 203, 151 Hawkesbury Road
9635 6333

9633 2744
Dr David Spencer
Suite 205, 151 Hawkesbury Road
9633 5322 9633 5325
Dr Haesung Bak

78 Derby Street

Suite 113, Macarthur Point Building
25-27 Solent Circuit
Norwest NSW 2153 Lithgow Community Hospital Medical Centre
GWH Lithgow NSW 2790

4722 3328

9680 8215

6350 2550

8814 6685
Dr Helen Englert 8890 8099 8890 8317
Dr Wendy Lau
Suite 113, Macarthur Point Building
25-27 Solent Circuit
Norwest NSW 2153
9119 8190

8999 2021
Research Staff
Kevin Hou 8890 6311 8890 8317


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