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CMRL provides telephone advice to all customers to facilitate selection of the most appropriate test or specimen type for a particular patient or clinical setting. We also assist with result interpretation through our embedded specialist medical mycology service.

We provide on-site (Westmead and Blacktown Hospitals) clinical consultation in medical mycology to all patients with suspected or diagnosed fungal infections, and have dedicated clinical Infectious Diseases physicians and microbiologists for weekly or bi-weekly clinical liaisons with: (i) Haematology and bone marrow transplantation; (ii) Renal Medicine and transplantation; and (iii) Intensive care unit.

We develop and monitor the relevance of guidelines for the use of antifungal drugs in the Western Sydney Local Health district in conjunction with other speciality units encompassing both the prophylaxis and treatment of fungal infections. We also develop guidelines for the sampling of air and the environment, and monitoring of air quality with regards to fungal content of ambient air.

We act as consultants in addressing the quality of air prior to and during building construction projects.

Linked with the University of Sydney, our staff are actively involved in the education in medical mycology of medical students, postgraduate medical, science and veterinary students and in contributing to national and internal seminars and symposia. We also provide state-wide training in laboratory mycology for the Royal College of Pathologists examinations in Microbiology.


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