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The CIDM-PH Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), includes experts in infectious diseases and public health and nominated representatives from WSLHD and NSW Health Pathology, and provides advice to the Director and management committee on research direction and strategies. The SAC meets annually at the CIDM-PH Colloquium, where researchers present their results and future plans.

  • Professor David Smith, Director, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology, PathWest WA.

University of WA
  • Dr Jeremy McAnulty (Director, Health Protection NSW); member since 2004
  • Professor Peter Collignon (Infectious Diseases & Microbiology, The Canberra Hospital, ACT); member since 2007
  • Professor Tania Sorrell (University of Sydney); member since 2004;
  • Dr Cliff Meldrum (Director of Genomics, NSW Health Pathology); member since 2017;
  • Professor Lyn Gilbert (Sydney Institute for Infectious Diseases & Sydney Health Ethics); newly appointed SAC member, Director of CIDM-PH from 2004 to 2013, Senior Investigator from 2014 to 2021;
  • Kathy Dempsey, NSW Chief ICP & HAI Advisor, NSW CEC, newly appointed member.


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