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January to June 2022 - ICH GCP Training schedule

We hope to be able recommence face to face learning following further COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in Feb 2022.

Introduction to GCP – designed for new researcher and staff working in clinical trials who have not completed comprehensive training previously - 4 hours face to face.

Refresher GCP – designed for experienced researchers and clinical trial staff who have previously obtained GCP certification – 1 ½ hours face to face learning.

If you would like to book in for a course please email:


January to June 2022 - ICH GCP Training Schedule


Course Type Day Dates Time Location
Full GCP Monday 17th Jan 2022 1230-1630hrs Virtual - MS Teams
Refresher GCP Thursday 20th Jan 2022 1000-1130hrs  Virtual - MS Teams
Full GCP Tuesday 15thFeb 2022 0830-1230hrs Westmead - TBC
Refresher GCP Friday 25thFeb 2022 0830-0100hrs Westmead - TBC
Full GCP Wednesday 9thMarch 2022 0830-1230hrs Blacktown – TBC
Refresher GCP Thursday 17thMarch 2022 1330-1500hrs  Westmead - TBC
Full GCP Friday 1stApril 2022 0830-1230hrs Westmead - TBC
Refresher GCP Wednesday 21stApril 2022 1000-1130hrs Blacktown – TBC
Full GCP Tuesday 10thth May 2022 1230-1630hrs Westmead  - TBC
Refresher GCP Monday 16thMay 2022 1230-1630hrs Westmead - TBC
Full GCP Thursday 16thJune 2022 0830-1230hrs Blacktown – TBC
Refresher GCP Tuesday 21stJune 2022 1330-1500hrs Westmead – TBC


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