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Templates for Participant Information Sheets

The following documents are templates which form the basis for all Participant Information and Consent Forms and these should be strictly followed allowing for the details of your particular project. The templates are designed for three categories of participants –
(a) Patient/Participant (b) Responsible Person (when participants cannot consent for themselves) and (c) Other.
You should determine which Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form is most relevant for your research project and use the template to formulate your information and consent document. Compliance with the standard templates will assist with the review and approval process conducted by the WSLHD Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC.)

Category (a) "Patient/Participant"

Category (b) "Responsible Person"

Category (c) "Other"


"Oral Consent Process"

"Waiver of Consent"



Any person (including participants, researchers, staff, students, administrators etc.) can make a complaint about any aspect of a research study. Any other matter of ethical concern can also be brought to the HREC’s attention and will be appropriately investigated.
Complaints by Participants should be made directly to the Patient Representative at the facility where the research is being conducted. Complaints by Researchers, staff, students, administrators etc. should be made directly to the Executive Officer of the HREC.



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