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WSLHD Intellectual Property Committee

The committee facilitates the achievement of WSLHD strategic priorities for research by evaluating opportunities, mitigation of risks relating to the ownership, protection and commercialisation of Intellectual Property in accordance with NSW Health Policy Directive PD2005_370.

Notifications and questions should be directed to the IP & Commercialisation Manager, Michael Powell.

IP Management, Commercialisation and Business Support

All IP advice and management (patents, copyright, trademarks etc.), researcher liaison, invention disclosures, IP education, commercialisation/business strategy/development, Westmead Research Hub (WRH) contact, contract/agreement review. 

Contacts and Links

Chair: Professor Mark McLean
Ph: 8890 9797

IP&C Manager: Michael Powell


Research Functions: IP and Business

  • Lead commercialisation of IP for WSLHD in collaboration with its affiliates, across the Westmead precinct
  • Develop relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders to facilitate commercialisation opportunities
  • Identify and prosecute intellectual property pathway for qualified projects from the WSLHD
  • Manage the packaging, marketing, negotiating and closing of commercialisation deals.
  • Manage commercial, post-deal assets (e.g. licences or start-ups) Raise research and education staff awareness of commercialisation



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