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Fostering Leadership Across Systems in Health (FLASH) leadership programs

Health professionals of all types need to be effective leaders of functional teams. During this 6-month practical program you will develop your leadership capability and improve your confidence in undertaking leadership roles and driving positive change within our health system.

Being a leader is not just about taking on official leadership roles or management positions. Good leadership has far-reaching implications across all parts of our health systems, not only in achieving high quality patient outcomes. Effective leadership is required for excellence in research and educational outcomes and is associated with a healthier and more productive workforce.

The new FLASH program is developed by clinicians for clinicians. Our teaching faculty have expertise and experience in delivering leadership programs, health professional education and coaching. This stimulating program will be highly interactive and showcase many health professional leaders’ experiences through panel/participant discussions.

Your leadership ability will be fostered in many ways, including: examining and reflecting on your own behaviours and relationships with others; exploring ways to build effective teams; developing techniques to positively influence others; learning strategies to approach conflict constructively; better understanding the National and NSW health systems; experiencing the benefits of coaching and mentoring; shadowing senior leaders … and many more.

FLASH is developed around the Australian Health Leadership LEADS Framework.

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Previous participants said:

“It has given me the building blocks to build on and the knowledge base as an emerging leader in our health system. It has given me the confidence and framework to build on to take on new projects and contribute to our district”

"I see that I have the ability to create change in every role I take, from culture change, improving the patient experience, to empowering my team, to quality improvement"

“FLASH has challenged and changed my views on what leadership is, helped me to recognise different leadership styles, and to think about my own leadership, including how to develop it, and how to be a more effective leader. Learning about different leadership styles and how best to interact with them, has been enlightening. I have gained significant confidence in my abilities as a leader.”

“ I have learned better strategies to connect with executive and present my ideas with confidence, make me a more active participant and advocate”

“I think the one of the biggest benefits is that it has provided the language, tools and familiarity with organisational structures within the network to allow better engagement. Also, on a personal level, I feel I appreciate the importance of personal engagement within this space and with the help of insights profile, I have a framework for approaching the more difficult interactions.”


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