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With special acknowledgement and respect to the traditional owners of this land, the elders past and present, the traditional owners of Australia, and thanks to the Yolngu, Wardaman, Euahlayi and other groups who have helped and welcomed us.


A Search for Ancient Aboriginal Astronomy

Hundreds of years ago did Aboriginal people:

  • Know the sky in detail?
  • Make measurements or records of astronomical phenomena?
  • Try to understand tides, eclipses, etc?


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Professor Ray Norris
Professor of Applied Data Science in Astrophysics, Deans Unit School of Computing, Engineering & Math Western Sydney University
Professor Ray Norris is an astronomer with CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science and Western Sydney University.
He researches how galaxies formed and evolved after the Big Bang, and also researches the astronomy of Aboriginal Australians.
Professor Norris has worked with several Aboriginal groups in NSW and NT.

The Skies of Aboriginal Australia


The Skies of Aboriginal Australia Presentation

Skies of Aborigianl Australia PP TN
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