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Schwartz Rounds: Group reflection to enhance relationships between staff and patients: a UK national realist evaluation 2014 - 2017

Professor Jill Maben1
Professor Jill Maben
OBE. PhD, MSc, BA (hons) RN
Professor Maben is a nurse and social scientist and her research focuses on supporting staff to care well for patients. Jill qualified as a Registered nurse at Addenbrookes in Cambridge and studied History at UCL, before undertaking her Masters in Nursing at King's College London and completing her PhD at the University of Southampton. She completed her PGCE at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2007.



What is a Schwartz Round?

  • Regular (usually monthly) open forum for multidisciplinary healthcare staff
  • Space to reflect upon, explore and tell stories about the difficult, challenging & rewarding experiences when delivering patient care
  • Focus on the non-clinical aspects (e.g. psychosocial, emotional, ethical issues)
  • Safe and confidential - attendees encouraged to be open, honest, reflect, discuss & explore experiences opened to the audience for group reflection and discussion, usually facilitated by a senior doctor and psychosocial practitioner
  • Staff can come to as many or as few rounds as they want/feel are useful-Not compulsory but encouraged
  • Food is provided


Latest outputs

Our open access systematic review of the Schwartz Rounds literature and scoping reviews of eleven other comparator interventions: Can Schwartz Center Rounds support healthcare staff with emotional challenges at work, and how do they compare with other interventions aimed at providing similar support? A systematic review and scoping review.
BMJ Journals.

See our film Understanding Schwartz Rounds: Findings from a National Evaluation which embeds a short Round in it and includes NIHR research findings –freely available on YouTube & 9 minutes long– Understanding Schwartz Rounds.

Understanding, Implementing and Sustaining Schwartz Rounds: An Organisational Guide to Implementation (2018) The link takes you to a four question quick survey so we can understand who is downloading / using the guide- once this is completed you will have access to the PDF.
Schwartz organisational guide questionnaire.


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