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All nurses and midwives need to be effective leaders within our health systems for optimal patient care. This 6-month practical program will improve your confidence and performance in all the areas of leadership required and/or chosen throughout your career.

Being a leader is not just about taking on official leadership roles or management positions. Good leadership has far-reaching implications across all components of our health systems, not only for high quality clinical outcomes but also for excellence in research and educational outcomes.

The new FLASH program was developed by clinicians for clinicians. Our teaching faculty have expertise and training in delivering leadership development programs, clinical education and coaching. This stimulating program will be highly interactive and showcase numerous health professional leaders’ stories through live Q and A panels.

Your ability to lead will be fostered in many ways including: examining and reflecting on your own behaviours and relationships with others; exploring ways to build effective teams; developing techniques to positively influence others for a common goal; better understanding the shape of the NSW health system and how components impact on each other; experiencing the benefits of coaching…

FLASH is developed around the Australian Health Leadership LEADS Framework.

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Target Audience

FLASH is designed for clinical nurse/ midwifery consultants and nurse practitioners.



The FLASH program aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attributes which are building blocks for effective leadership. FLASH is designed to foster the longitudinal development of confidence and behaviours for effective leadership to be applied to all facets of the health system throughout their careers.


FLASH Highlights

  • Full-day interactive workshops
  • Two-day immersive offsite overnight program
  • Interprofessional sessions learning with medical and allied health professionals FLASH streams
  • Highly interactive format with wide-ranging guest faculty
  • Tailored to local health district needs to address a gap in nursing and midwifery leadership development, linking to real-life health service scenarios
  • Online coaching/mentoring opportunities and participation in a ‘community of practice’
  • Opportunity to shadow senior leaders
  • Dedicated full day research workshop
  • Obtain the internationally recognised ‘Good Clinical Practice’ (GCP) certificate
  • Integrated Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM) 2-day course
  • Great opportunities for building ongoing networks across clinical specialties and interprofessional groups


Dates for 2024

May - Wednesday 22nd
June - Friday 21st
July - Tuesday & Wednesday 2nd/3rd
July - Friday 26th
August - Friday 23rd
September - Friday 20th
October - Tuesday & Wednesday 22nd/23rd (overnight stay at Q Station, Manly)


Example Program Outline*

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*some program details may change


Application Process

Participants will be determined on merit through a competitive application process. Places are strictly limited. Selection will be based on an application letter detailing the applicants’ interest and motivation for completing this course.


2024 Applications Closed


Please direct inquiries to: [email protected]


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