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A few things to note

Please check the commencement time of each day of the program and allow sufficient travelling time to the venues.

The one night accommodation at the Q Station included in this program is for a single person only. If there is a need for you to bring with you another person, please let us know in advance as you will need to pay for any extra cost incurred.

Meals and refreshment breaks included in the daily programs are covered by the FLASH program. You will be responsible for your own incidentals (in-room movies, room service, etc.)

The tour at the end of the program is optional. It will involve a guided walk around the old quarantine station grounds explaining some of the fascinating history of the site. The cost will be covered by the FLASH program.
More information is available on the Q Station website

COVID-19 Guidelines
The group is obliged to comply with the NSW Public Health COVID-19 guidelines and guidelines of the venue.
In the event that arrangements need to change we will notify participants of these changes closer to the date.
An online version of FLASH is being developed as a contingency plan.


Day 1 and 2
Q Station information (with accommodation)
Address: 1 North Head Scenic Drive, Manly NSW 2095
Contact number: (02) 9466 1597
For more information please visit the Q Station website
Q Station map 

Please park your car at the top car park located at the reception, where the car will remain parked for the duration of your stay. Once you have arrived at the car park, a shuttle service will be provided to transfer you to the site. Parking is subject to availability.


Timing for session Commence Finish

Times may change without notice.


Rest of the program

Pennant Hills Golf Club
Address: Corner Copeland Road & Burns Road South Beecroft NSW 2119
Contact number: (02) 8860 5800
For more information please visit the Pennant Hills Golf Club website
Pennant Hills golf club map








Please park at the top car park (Events parking).


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