Committed to Education

Westmead Hospital provides an excellent opportunity for student midwives to train in a level 6 tertiary institution. Westmead currently has the highest birthing rate in NSW with over 5,500 births annually, which makes for excellent learning opportunities that students can carry with them throughout their career.

Here at Westmead, we offer rotations through Maternity, Birthing Unit, and Women’s health Ward, High Risk Antenatal Care, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a variety of Models of Care provided to women during the antenatal period, including a Day Assessment Unit.

Student midwives are provided with many learning opportunities at Westmead. We provide fortnightly education sessions to facilitate learning. You will also be supported by Clinical Midwifery Educators on every ward, including 2 after hours Clinical Midwifery Educators for out of hours learning opportunities.

We work closely with your chosen University to provide a well-rounded, supportive education journey.


Karen Johns
Midwifery Educator (A)
Women’s and Newborn Health
Westmead hospital
[email protected]
Phone: 8890 4623



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