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WSLHD is one of the fastest-growing regions in NSW, projected to accommodate over 1.3 million residents by 2031. Renowned for its excellence in clinical services, research and education, WSLHD offers a wide spectrum of public healthcare to over 946,000 residents in Sydney’s western suburbs and extends its services beyond our immediate area – catering to individuals from across the State through our specialised centres of expertise.


About GradStart

Recognising the unique challenges that accompany the transition from student to registered nurse or midwife, WSLHD’s GradStart Program provides a structured Framework designed to ease the shift from academia to clinical practice - ensuring graduates are equipped with the essential skills, confidence and support required to excel in their professional roles.
GradStart provides a consistent and positive transition experience that maximises learning opportunities while delivering adequate levels of both clinical and emotional support.
Through a range of professional development initiatives, the WSLHD GradStart Program provides nursing and midwifery graduates with a solid platform and foundation for their career progression.
For further information regarding the 2025 GradStart recruitment, please visit the NSW Health GradStart website


WSLHD GradStart 2025 program

GradStart is a 12-month rotational program that offers graduate nurses and midwives the opportunity to work in multiple facilities and specialties across WSLHD including:
  • Auburn Hospital
  • Blacktown and Mt Druitt Hospital
  • Westmead Hospital
  • Drug Health
  • Mental Health
  • Integrated and Community Health
  • Women’s Health

GradStart participants engage in two six-month clinical rotations, attend District and ward/unit orientation sessions, complete five supernumerary shifts and participate in structured education support days and reflective clinical supervision.

GradStart participants are supported by preceptors, clinical educators and a team of dedicated nursing and midwifery staff.

GradStart nurses and midwives are employed on a full time or part time basis with shift work, including morning, afternoon and night shifts as well as weekends, being a requirement of employment.

While applicants have the option to submit a preference for working in a specific area or facility, it is important to note that preferences cannot be guaranteed.


Pathway into Midwifery Services

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WSLHD provides first-year registered nurses (RNs) with an opportunity to participant in a specialty program and educational pathway designed to facilitate a career in midwifery.
The Pathway into Maternity Services (PiMS) is a 12-month specialty program that offers graduate registered nurses the opportunity to work in specialty practice areas of Women’s, Paediatrics and Neonatology Health services within WSLHD.
Over the 12-month speciality program, graduate RNs will rotate through supportive learning environments where they will develop their knowledge, skills and professional practice while transitioning through the health services. This transition allows RNs to merge their existing skills and experiences with the specialised knowledge required for midwifery practice in their second year of registration while undertaking the Graduate Diploma of Midwifery.
The pathway consists of ward rotations, manageable education and training steps to support RNs transition into the MidStart program.
The WSLHD PiMS program is designed to support RN career development and enrolment into the NSW Health MidStart Program during the second year of registration.
Should participants opt not to transition into the MidStart Program upon completing GradStart, they may be re-allocated out of maternity services into a vacant RN position within WSLHD.

GradStart FAQs


To be eligible for a WSLHD GradStart Program, students MUST apply through the NSW Health GradStart website.


If you have any enquiries about our programs, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]


Danielle Nitsos, Registered Nurse, Westmead Hospital

Danielle Nitsos TNa 

Danielle Nitsos is a Registered Nurse who has recently completed the
GradStart Program at Westmead Hospital.

Alice Tuson, Registered Midwife, Westmead Hospital

Alice Touson TNa 

Alice Tuson is a Registered Midwife at Westmead Hospital and has recently
completed the GradStart program. She shares her thoughts about
the GradStart program and becoming a midwife.



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