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Stella Lobo2

Stella Lobo, Auburn Hospital

Stella’s journey in nursing exemplifies the essence of dedication, expertise, and compassion. With over two decades of experience, Stella has a diverse clinical background in various specialties, including intensive care, infection control, cancer care, cardiology, Clinical Nurse Educator and Acting Nursing Unit Manager.

In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Stella has actively engaged in leadership roles within the healthcare setting. Her tenure as an immuniser at Blacktown and Westmead Hospitals underscored her commitment to public health initiatives, particularly in the realm of vaccination.

Presently, Stella serves as an Acting Nurse Educator and GradStart Coordinator at Auburn Hospital, where she continues to make a significant impact. Stella plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of nursing by mentoring and guiding new graduates as they transition into the profession.

Reshmaben Vahora Gradstart 

Reshmaben Vahora: Nurse Educator, Mental Health Services

Reshma Vahora is the Acting Nurse Manager Education and Professional Development for Mental Health Services at WSLHD.

Reshma has held several seconded positions including Clinical Nurse Educator, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Nursing Unit Manager, Nurse Educator and Nurse Manager.

Her passion for Mental Health Nursing and education led her to complete a master’s degree in Mental Health Nursing and move to her lifelong goal to be part of education and training. Reshma is passionate about preparing nurses to be successful and compassionate Mental Health Nurses.

Parul Patel

Parul Patel: Nurse Educator, Blacktown and Mt Druitt Hospitals

Parul is the GradStart Coordinator and Nurse Educator for Blacktown & Mount Druitt hospitals. Parul has worked as a nurse in various specialities such as cardiovascular, rehabilitation, oncology, aged care, and community. She has worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator for three years within the Medical Assessment Unit at Blacktown hospital.

Parul leads the team of clinical nurse educators for Ambulatory Medicine division at Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals. She is a facility coordinator for nursing students’ clinical placements at Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals. She is highly motivated, passionate, and enthusiastic health professional who is committed for quality and evidence based clinical practice.

Carol Denne Gradstart

Carol Denne: Nurse Manager, Integrated and Community Health

Carol is the Education Coordinator for Integrated and Community Health (ICH) and manages a team that provides education services to a wide range of staff across multiple sites at WSLHD. Carol has worked in a variety of clinical settings including: Intensive Care, Midwifery, Justice Health and Community Health, holding various positions (CNS, CNC3 and Nurse Manager).

The ICH Education Team are enthusiastic about providing education and support to the GradStart program. The team works with ICH managers, clinicians, and clinical specialists to ensure the clinical and professional development of new Graduates.

Carol is passionate about education and in particular working with subject matter experts to develop effective education programs/learning materials and competencies. Carol sees education as key in ensuring staff are knowledgeable, skilled, and confident to deliver quality care to the community.

Rosemary Luczak

Rosemary Luczak: Nurse Educator, Westmead Hospital

Rosemary is a Nurse Educator and the Gradstart Coordinator at Westmead Hospital. She also oversees and manages enrolled and student nurses during their placements.

Rosemary’s nursing background began in the intensive care unit and progressed across numerous specialties including acute psychiatric wards. She has worked at Blacktown, Cumberland and Westmead Hospitals in various roles such as Clinical Nurse Educator, Acting Nursing Unit Manager and Nurse Educator. Rosemary has a passion for assisting graduate nurses with their professional development as well as collaborating with educational institutions to improve the future of nursing.




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