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Facilitated at Auburn Hospital

                                         Course Neonatal Resuscitation (NNR)                                         
 2024 Dates TBC by Dr Kalpesh Jain


                                         Recognising and responding to acute deterioration (RRAD)                                         
Target audience: New graduate nurses
Auburn - L5 Conference Room 1430-1530
29th January
7th February
6th March
18th March
17th April
8th May
5th June
11th July
19th August
18th September
30th October
26th November
11th December


ALS Refreshers
Target Audience: Previously completed ALS1/ILS or ALS2
20th March Defib/COACHED
23rd April Bradycardia
8th May Tachycardia
25th June Airway
10th July Rhythms
28th August Algorithm
11th September Defib/COACHED
8th October Bradycardia
6th November Tachycardia
4th December Airway


Basic Life Support – Drop ins
Auburn - L5 Conference Room - Half hourly sessions
20th February 0900-1100
12th March 0900-1100
1st May 1200-1400
17th July 1200–1330
4th September 1230–1330
13th November 0900–1100
11th December 0900–1100


                                         Basic Life Support – Train the Trainer                                        
Enrol Via MHL
Auburn - L5 Conference Room 1400 – 1530
12th March
13th November


Simulation training for after hours residence (STAR)
Every Thursday (unless specified) Auburn L5 Conference room 1400-1530


                                       JMO teaching                                      
Target Audience: JMO’s
Auburn – L5 Conference Room 1300-1400
July 10th
July 24th
September 11th
November 6th
November 20th
December 4th


Ward based simulation sessions are run on a monthly basis. Please contact Malinka De Silva or Nicole King for further information at [email protected]

You can download a copy of the Auburn Simulation Education Sessions here.


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