Committed to Education

Education at the Westmead Intensive Care Unit

Various educational and audit meetings are held either on a weekly or monthly basis. These are usually scheduled in the middle of the day, hence try to get your work done so you can attend. They include the following:

  1. Topic tutorials – held on Wednesday and Thursday mornings after the handover round, duration approximately 10‐15 minutes;
  2. Formal ICU teaching session – weekly on Tuesday at 1300 hours, duration approximately 1 hour, will include ICU Grand Rounds and Journal Club;
  3. Medical Grand Rounds – weekly on Wednesday at 1300 hours, duration 1 hour;
  4. CICM Fellowship Exam oriented teaching – Weekly on Wednesday at 1300 hours, duration 45‐60 minutes;
  5. QA / M&M meeting – monthly on Thursday at 1300 hours, duration approximately 1 hour;
  6. IIMS meeting – monthly on Wednesday at 1415 hours; duration approximately 45‐60 minutes;
  7. Clinical Case Conference – weekly on Friday at 1300 hours, duration approximately 45‐60 minutes.
  8. ICU Grand rounds: - these are presentations delivered before a large audience at the main auditorium. The ICU presents at grand rounds twice a year. In 2017, the ICU will present a case on the 24th of May and 15th of November.

In addition to these programs, self-directed learning packages are offered to staff through the Western Sydney LHD Moodle. Completing these self-directed learning packages is an essential part of the Westmead ICU education program, and contributes to the term assessment for rotating junior medical officers. The SDL packages are linked in with HETI and may be presented to future employers as evidence of continued medical education. For ICU trainees, many of these learning packages contribute to the completion of  CICM Workplace Competency Assessments (WCAs).  Access to these resources is restricted to current employees of Westmead ICU.


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