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This section covers the mechanics of applying for a job - a process common to all hospitals and dictated by NSW Health, according to a common statewide schedule and web based IT system. You can download detailed notes about the application process or skim through the overview topics below.


  1. There are sometimes delays in loading some jobs onto the computer system at this, and other hospitals. If you cant see a job on line, which you would expect to be available on 18th July, look again in a few days time or check with RSU
  2. RMOs - Get your application in by the last weekend at the latest (ie 3rd -4th August). Do not leave it to the last 2 days!
  3. INTERNS - Hop onto the system, find and download the jobs you will be interested in in 12 months time




  • If the job you are after is offered at the Hospital you work at, that will usually be where you have the best chance of being successful.
  • It is perfectly reasonable to want to change hospitals – but you will need to convince the other hospital that yours is a genuine application, not just a back-up application.
  • In order to change between hospitals, you will need to invest time and effort - it is not sufficient to do nothing other than lodge an application and hope for the best
  • It is NEVER advisable to limit your applications to a single hospital - you should apply more widely.
  • It is entirely reasonable to factor in where you want to do your advanced training and practice long term when applying for jobs now
  • You should have a bask-up plan. You should think carefully about where you are prepared to work from among the group of hospitals which are less popular than your first preference.
  • While every situation is unique, it is not uncommon for RMOs to apply to half a dozen or more jobs and to be offered interviews at 3-4.


  • All applications are made on line between 18th July and 5pm 7th August.
  • The website URL is but this will not be active until 18th July
  • Explanatory information can be found at:
  • Prior to application you will be required to register on the system, with login, demographic and contact details. Ensure your e-mail contact is recorded correctly and is one you will check regularly
  • At the time of registration you will need to upload your CV and any other supporting documentation including your qualifications. This one CV will be used for ALL applications that you make
  • At the time of registration you will need to nominate exactly 2 referees. These referees will be the same for ALL applications that you make
  • Prior to application you should download the position description and have studied the selection criteria
  • At the time of EACH application you will need to provide on line responses to how you satisfy each of the selection criteria – which you should have prepared before entering them on line
  • You will need to make a separate application for every job that you apply for


  • Applications are open between 18th July – 7th August
  • This year, applications have been contracted back to three weeks and the interview process brought forward by a week
  • This means for some interviews (eg ED & Crit Care) there is only two weeks for reading CVs, culling and calling for interview
  • In real terms the earlier you get your application in the better
  • You should absolutely avoid leaving your application until the last 2 days, as the system always slows down because of increased traffic
  • There is usually a 2nd round of applications in late September – but these are only the jobs which fail to fill up after the first round


  • Every job has a position description which outlines the nature of the job, the skills and experience required and the contact details of the position owners.
  • Read through carefully, but try to augment this information with personal feedback from term supervisors and previous or current incumbents
  • Talk to the contact persons, if you are serious about the job.


  • You will be asked to write a paragraph about how you satisfy each of the selection criteria
  • You have a 1000 character limit for each selection criteria
  • You must take this seriously. Most jobs are substantially oversubscribed and failure to adequately address the selection criteria is one of the commonest reasons for rapidly rejecting applications
  • Work on your answers off line, then upload them once you have perfected them
  • Dont overthink the selection criteria– the main aim is to demonstrate that you have taken the process seriously. You don’t need to produce a literary work of art.
  • Do not try to be funny – this is NOT the time to demonstrate your sense of humour.

If you have any questions you should contact Dr Baker by mobile, text, email.


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