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RMO Orientation If you are rotated into Westmead for a term as an RMO, or have joined us as a newly recruited RMO then you are probably used to moving between hospitals. Like most RMOs, you are probably resourceful enough to independently work out who your registrar is and where to meet up on day 1, and assume that all the other things you need to do your job will flow from there. As DPET I will try to meet up with you within the first few day to give you a more comprehensive orientation, but much of the information I can pass on is already accessible on the web. So here’s a quick list of topics I’d like to go over with you and some further reading you can do right now

Before Starting

Contact with the hospital

Someone from the hospital should have made contact with you via phone or email to give you some information before starting. This will either be the RSU, the DPETs Office or the Emergency Department (if you are working in ED), and in some instance all three

Who you are working with and where

You need to find out before day 1 who you are working with and where to meet. Normally you will do this by talking to the outgoing RMO or intern. Sometimes it’s hard to track this person down, but you should be able to find them through the Resident Support Unit, or the office of the DPET, or through the Switch. Don’t feel bad about ringing the DPET (0419281024), texting or emailing if you are confused.

Term Descriptions and Rover Forms

Each of our RMO terms has a Formal Term Description and some have the more informal “Rover” handover form. The “Rover” is a wiki document maintained by the RMO themselves. You can access these on line and should read through them before you start


Either you will be on the general afterhours and relief roster, or your department will have its own roster – or sometimes both. Either way, your roster should have sent to you at least 2-3 weeks before you started. If it hasn’t you should ring RSU to check

Other Orientation information

Day 1

Further Down the Track

Dr Andrew Baker - Director of Pre-vocational Education and Training

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Dr Andrew Baker - Director of Pre-vocational Education and Training

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