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ROVERS  - or "Rolling Handover" forms - are an important aides to end of term handover.

Written by JMOs, they are intended to distill the most important key messages for how to survive in each term - what the common routines are, how to get key tasks completed, who you might commonly consult and what they need to know, how to approach discharge summaries, what the important learning opportunities are, who can help...and so on.

Anything which you learned the hard way should be documented on a ROVER so that those lessons can be passed on to your colleagues.

Each term you should review and update your Rover form. You can do this at any time - even after you've left the term - but the ideal timing is about 2 weeks before the term change. To do so, simply click on the links below.

If you cant find a ROVER form or your Rover form seems completely out of date and in need of major change, contact Dr Baker on

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