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Pre-Vocational Liaison Council (PLC)

In 2019, we established the Pre-vocational Liaison Council (PLC), the purpose of which is to have a small group of PGY1s and PGY2s who have a formal responsibility for information flow, representation and leadership among their respective pre-vocational training cohorts. In the past, the hospital has been required to nominate a single intern and RMO representative to the HETI JMO Forum, and historically, these individuals have assumed all of the representational and liaison duties, both internally and externally. From 2019, we have attempted to share these responsibilities and draw on the larger pool of enthusiasm and expertise, by appointing a Council, rather than an individual.

All new interns should consider applying to be a PLC member. The application process is described below

To give a sense of the PLCs scope of activity, over the past 12 months the PLC has represented the JMO perspective in relation to:

  • Impact of COVID on JMOs
  • Rostering issues
  • JMO Wellbeing

It has organised or advocated for

  • Page free lunch break
  • Presentations about Westmead to medical students
  • Careers Fest for interns an RMO
  • Care packages for JMOs
  • Presentation of term reviews to the PCTC
  • Improved Rover Forms
  • Refurbishment of JMO common room

In 2021, the need to maintain effective communication between the administration and the JMO body will be stronger than ever – given the continuing impact of COVID, the potential disruption caused by the move of selected services into the new hospital, not to mention the fact that we will be undergoing a hospital wide accreditation.

Expected Interactions with Hospital Administration

Pre-Vocational Clinical Training Committee(PCTC)
The PLC members would be expected, within the constraints of their roster and term allocation, to attend the monthly PCTC meetings. The PCTC is the peak administrative oversight body for JMOs and brings together JMOs, Administrators and Clinicians. They would also be expected to routinely convene (either physically or virtually) between meetings for the purposes of following up on actions arising from the meetings, identifying new agenda items for upcoming meetings and communicating with the JMO body about the PCTC as dictated by the needs of the meeting. PLC members have the special responsibility of researching and presenting "Term Reviews" at these meetings

Ad Hoc Meetings
The Administration shall, from time to time, seek input from pre-vocational trainees regarding specific issues and may request that this be coordinated through the Pre-vocation Liaison Council.

Specific Portfolios
It is expected that Council will develop specific interest in several key portfolios: Rostering/Organisation, Education, Wellbeing, Communication/Social Media, IT & Quality Improvement and that individuals council member may develop specific expertise and leadership in these portfolios. These portfolios may be expected to create opportunities for contributing to other existing organisational structures/committees etc, which are specific to these portfolios.

Individual Interactions
Individual Council members can expect to engage in advocacy and interaction with the DPET, the Manager of the RSU and other senior medical administrators.

External Representation - HETI NSW JMO Forum
Two members of the Council (one intern and one RMO) will be nominated as the HETI JMO Forum representatives, who will attend a quarterly meeting convened by HETI. All applicants for the Council should be willing to act in this role as required. Further information about the NSW JMO forum is available is available here.

Time Commitments

As can be deduced from the above meeting schedule, there will be a meeting of some sort every 2-3 weeks (usually around 1hr in duration) as well as ad-hoc meetings. It is recognised that not every member will be able to attend every meeting, and that in reality, attendance at 30-50% of the organised meetings is probably as best as can be expected. However, if participation in person is not always possible, commitment to staying involved and connected is vital. This may mean participation in virtual meetings or group chat/social media environments.

The two HETI JMO Forum representatives will have additional responsibilities for representing the hospital at four full-day meetings per year and possible participation in individual JMO forum projects.


  • Nominees will be sought from all PVTs
  • Applicants will be required to submit a CV and vision statement, outlining their perception of the major challenges, and their goals in the role
  • All applicants will have a conversation with the DPET, RSU Manger and current PLC chair
  • Up to 6 applicants will be appointed
  • All terms will be for 12 months, but previous incumbents are welcome to re-apply
  • The HETI JMO FORUM Rep will be selected from among the successful appointees by popular vote
  • A Chair shall be selected from the PGY2 members, who will be responsible for the internal organisation of the Council –This role will rotate each term, ensuring that they it is filled by an RMO based at Westmead for the term. There will also be a role of Deputy Chair which will be filled by an Intern on a similar rotational basis  


Applications for PVT Liaison Council Application should be made in writing and should include:

  • A short CV highlighting any previous representational/leadership experience
  • A Vision Statement, outlining what you might hope to achieve by taking on this role
  • Your understanding of the significant challenges for pre-vocational trainees in the current environment
  • Your perspective on the most important priorities in terms of areas for improvement or attention
  • Any particular skills, experience or interest which would complement the major portfolios of Rostering/Organisation, IT, Education, Communication/Social Media, IT and Quality Improvement in Health Care


An application form will be emailed to all Interns in late December.

Applications should be submitted to Henry Maung [email protected] or Elke Woodhouse [email protected], DPET, by email by no later than Friday 22nd Jan.

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