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COVID could change everything  - so this year we wont be publishing a detailed roster until immediately before the 18th Jan

At present we have a planned timetable - and a high level overview is presented below. From most of Week1 the cohort will be divided into at minimum 2 group

  • Group A - All first term ED interns, Secondment, most Relievers and Gastro
  • Group B - All remaining ward based interns

The timetable can also be found on the JMO App

Mon 18th Jan

The cohort will be divided into two groups and located in seperate venue. Starting either at 7:45 or 08:00 the two groups will receive the same lecture theatre style presentations but with a half hour delay between the two groups. You should plan to leave around 5:00pm. the group starting at 7:45 will receive their laptops before the lectures start.

Tues 19th Jan

Staying in your two groups:
  • GROUP A will spend the whole day doing e-MR, eMeds, Guidance (anitmicrobial stewardship) computer training starting at 08:00 - using the laptops they were allocated the day before.
  • The other half will start at the same time having official photos being taken and then receiving their lap tops. They will then commence e-health learning followed by fire training at 11:45,  followed by an afternoon of infection control related activities. Relievers will fit in an extra session about surviving after hours shifts before fire training.

Wed 20th Jan

The program today will be the same as Tuesday but with the two groups reversed. If you did eMR on Tuesday then you will start at 10:30 for your photos, followed by fire training and infection control

Thurs 21st Jan

  • Group A will do DETECT all day.
  • Group B will have ward attachments (starting at the same times as their team, which depending on the team may be between 7:00-8:30)

Fri 22nd Jan

Everyone will either have a ward attachments or e-learning. Auburn based interns will do their local orientation at Auburn starting at 9:00.

Mon 25th Jan

Ward attachments - ED and Relief staff will need to check their rosters as not all staff will be working everyday

Tues 26th Jan  - Australia Day Public Holiday

All ward based staff will be rostered off. Most ED and relievers will be rostered off as well but check your rosters

Wed 26th Jan

Ward attachments for all staff. At 3:00pm Group B will have a "surviving after hours" session"

Thurs 28th Jan

  • Group B has detect all day
  • Group A has ward attachments

Fri 29th Jan

Ward attachments. Final handover before it all gets real the following week

Sat 30th an Sun 31st

High probability that ED and Relief staff will have one weekend shift

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