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Westmead is huge and daunting for new medical staff. This section is designed to give you a very high level overview of the different components of the hospital, its layout and some resources which might help you find your way around more easily. 

Of course nothing beats walking around and exploring, and for most people it only takes a couple of weeks before it starts to make sense. 

Westmead hospital sits at the junction of Hawesbury Road and Darcy Road (Click for Map) It is part of the largest Health Campus in Australia which also comprises Westmead Children’s Hospital, Cumberland Hospital, Westmead Private Hospital, as well as the Westmead Institute for Medical Research and the Children’s Medical Research Institute. It is worth noting that while we are linked by a covered walkway to the Children’s Hospital, it remains an entirely separate administrative entity being part of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and not part of Western Sydney Local Health District.

Something that will become obvious as soon as you start here, is that the hospital is going through a phase of massive building and re-development. This means that information presented below can become rapidly out of date, and there will be a series of smaller temporary movements which are necessary to enable the larger plan. So keep your eyes open for messages about wards, clinics or services which might temporarily move location during the course of the year.


Inpatient Wards

Westmead consists of 4 long wings running parallel to Hawkesbury Road, each comprising several blocks. The inner two wings are taller, with up to 6 levels and this is where our inpatient wards are located - on level 3 and above. It is here where the average ward JMO will spend most of their time.

These two wings are made up of 4 blocks – A,B,C,& D. Each ward is named after the Block, the level and the section within the block. D5c – our neuroscience ward – is in Block D, Level 5 and at the c end. It will take quite a while before you can fluently translate these 3 character alphanumerics into the equivalent service or department or specialty. So to assist you can download a guide here.

The main entrance to the hospital is on level 2, and to access the ward areas, most JMO start off by making their way to one of the two main lift wells. At the front of the hospital these are in the communicating passageways between A and B block (known imaginatively as the AB lifts) and at the back of the hospital between the C and the D block. When you start out, you will generally find that moving between wards will involve navigating to these central lift wells, walking up and down the adjacent fire stairs, then working your way back out. After a while you will find that there is a stairwell in the corner of each block that can serve as a short cut.

The inpatient wards start at level 3 and the broad organising principle is that:
  • Level 3 is the hot floor – it has theatres, anaesthetics, Surgical HDUs, some surgical wards, ICU, NICU, labour ward, endoscopy and gastro and neuro.
  • Level 4 tends to be sub-acute medicine – geriatrics, rehab, psychiatry and all the smaller medical specialities, like endocrinology, immunology, rheumatology, ID etc.
  • Level 5 are the acute medical specialties Cardiology (A Block), Respiratory (B Block), Haematology/Oncology (C Block) and Neurosciences (D Block).
  • Level 6 (A& B Block only) is Renal, Urology, Orthopaedics and Surgery.

As the re-development progresses, wards have been moving on a regular basis, so the original organising principles have started to become blurred, and this process will only continue over the next few years.

Westmead Campus Maps

The images below are simple schematics, the hospital footprint, and detailed floor plans of each level. They are all jpeg files and you may want to create a "Maps" album on you phone and downloaded select images into it for ease of access

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JMOs are assigned parking in P1 - the large multi-story car park on the corner of  Darcy Rd and Institute Road and P12 & 13 - the ground level open car parks off Dragonfly drive (which is accessed from Mons Road). Click here to download parking map

Parking is organised though Secure Parking and linked to your security ID badge, which you will need to access the car park. You will need to authorise parking deductions from your fortnightly pay through completion of the attached form. The form should be e-mailed directly to Secure parking. Parking is NOT managed by the Security Department. 

Please note that if you require an escort to the car park at any time, please contact Security on 57625 for assistance. 

The cost of parking is currently $23.20 per week for full timers and $15.50 for part timers. JMOs who are rotated out of Westmead will need to suspend their deductions for the duration of their rotation and re-instate them on their return. Form for suspension of Parking Fees - Click Here 

For any car parking enquiries contact Secure on 8890 3739 or visit the Secure Parking Office (located behind the information Desk near the main entrance).

JMOs wishing to avoid parking fees, will find that public transport is a better option than hoping to find street parking.

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