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Am I a Surgical Skills Trainee?

You are a Surgical Skills Trainee if you have an interest in a career in surgery and are:
  • an intern, or Post Graduate Year 1 (PGY1);
  • a resident, or PGY2;
  • a member of the PGY3+ cohort who currently have not been accepted onto a SET program

The Western Sydney Surgical Skills Training Network offers a comprehensive surgical education and training program for our:

  • Surgical SRMO's and Unaccredited Trainees
  • PGY 1-2 interested in pursuing surgical careers

The program offers the following:

  • mentoring, supervision, HR support and career guidance from Network Directors of training, Network Manager/ESO, Supervisors of training and Senior and Junior Clinicians
  • supports the development of Prevocational Trainees PGY1- 2
  • offers PGY3+ training positions that provide exposure to surgical terms that gives them the opportunity to develop surgical skills and competencies before entering the Surgical Education Training Program (SET)
  • supports the SET Trainees within the Surgical Education program (RACS) and (GSA) these trainees are allocated to most of our rotation and are a great asset to assisting our unaccredited trainee with guidance to obtain a SET position.
  • exposure to a range of training programs including workshops and professional development sessions, weekly lectures and skills labs.


All Surgical Trainees in the Western Sydney Rotation are expected to participate in the Surgical Education Program.

This program provides a continuous series of educational activities for trainees at all levels. The program encompasses a wide range of topics that is intended to provide a broad knowledge base.


Attendance is MANDATORY for all SET trainees and surgical SRMOs rostered at Westmead Hospital. Strict roll call will be maintained. Surgical JMOs and trainees from other Centre’s are also strongly encouraged to participate.


Surgeon Tutors

Surgeons at Westmead Hospital have consistently demonstrated their commitment to Surgical Education. It is imperative that their commitment is recognised and reciprocated by trainees attending all sessions without exception.



Trainees who are unable to attend a particular session are expected to inform the Surgical Trainee Representative so that apologies may be noted.



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