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Applying for a Radiology Training position in NSW

NSW Health co-ordinates an annual Junior Medical Officer recruitment campaign where a number of training positions are advertised for the following clinical year. This recruitment is conducted online using a system named ROB. Please see link to get more information regarding applying for a position in NSW Junior Medical Officer recruitment (

External applicants

If you are currently not employed with NSW Health, please apply for positions through the external JMO career portal.

Internal applicants

If you are a current NSW Health employee with an existing Stafflink number, please apply for positions through the internal JMO career portal for a smoother application and on boarding experience.


Radiology Training – LAN2 Recruitment FAQ’s

I want to apply for a training position in New South Wales (NSW), where can I find more information on the application process?

Each year, NSW Health holds an annual JMO recruitment drive for junior doctors to commence the following Clinical Year. You can find more information at the NSW Health website.

Where will the jobs be advertised?

All positions in NSW Health are advertised on the NSW Health website (link below). Depending on whether you already work for NSW Health or are applying externally, choose either the External or Internal applicants link and apply.

When will the positions be advertised?

You can find the advertisement dates for the Annual JMO recruitment campaign in the link below. The annual recruitment campaign is usually the main intake for the next Clinical Year commencement for all three Training Networks in NSW. Dates for 2024 Annual Recruitment Campaign are as below: Advertisement Start Date: 18-Jul-23 Advertisement End Date: 8-Aug-23 Email Offer Date: 1-Sep-23 However, sometimes positions become available throughout the year and will be advertised ad-hoc by the individual hospitals. Ad-hoc positions are also advertised on the NSW Health website so you will need to check the website from time to time.

Can I visit the Department and meet the Directors of Training (DoTs)?

To make it fair for all applicants, the NSW Ministry of Health has directed Training Networks to not organise one on one meetings with the DoTs. Instead, all three Training Networks organise Information Sessions at which you can find out more about the Network, the hospital sites and the recruitment process. These are mostly conducted virtually and present a great opportunity to ask questions that you may have.

Information Sessions

Every year before the job advertisement closes, all three main hospital sites in LAN 2 hold an information session. at which the DoTs and trainees provide information about their training site and what to expect while you work there. Information Session dates are available at the link below: Information sessions – Junior Medical Officer (

Do I have to apply to each LAN individually?

You will need to apply for each Training Network separately. Each Network has their own selection panel and has a different perspective of looking at applicants. Interviews are also conducted separately.

What is Network preference matching, how does it work?

Prior to the interview (regardless of whether you are offered an interview by one or more LANS), you will be sent a link to submit your preference match. You can amend your selection until the day after the interviews have been completed. Your preference list is sent directly to Health Education and Training Institute – HETI, which is an independent body. None of the three Networks have access to the preference list at any stage. After the interviews, each LAN submits their preferred/ranked applicant list to HETI. HETI then does a preference match and sends the outcome of selected and eligible applicants to the Networks.

Can I choose my preferred hospital in the Network?

Prior to the interview the Network Education Support Officer might send you a request to provide your site preference within the Network. This information is not shared with the DoTs until after all the interviews have been completed. Once the outcome is received from HETI on successful applicants, their preference is taken into consideration. However, their allocation to a preferred site depends again on the preference match (internal to LAN this time).

Can I/how do I get feedback on my application?

You can ask for feedback, however, please note that due to the volume of work associated with the recruitment process, feedback is usually provided after the completion of the recruitment cycle.

Are the positions advertised out of cycle/other than the main recruitment round?

Occasionally positions become available outside of the main recruitment round and are then advertised by the hospital on an ad-hoc basis. The recruitment process remains the same, however the panel may not include the other site DoTs for ad-hoc recruitment.

How will the interviews be conducted?

Since COVID, interviews have been held virtually and we expect to continue with the virtual format this year. Even if we revert to face-to-face interviews, you will be offered the opportunity to interview virtually.

What is the eligibility list?

If you performed well at the interview and in your overall application but were not successful in gaining a position, - you may be placed on an eligibility list. If a position becomes available after the main round (and depending on the site requirements at the time)- they may choose to offer a position to a candidate on the eligibility list.

I do not have Australian/NZ permanent residency (PR) or Citizenship but completed my medical studies in Australia, where I am currently working. Am I eligible to apply?

While you are eligible to apply (subject to visa conditions), the current guidelines require us to preference the Citizens and PR holders above other visa holders. Given the competition for the speciality and the applicant numbers each year, it is quite likely that your application may not be considered by the LAN.


International Medical Graduates/IMG (Overseas Trained doctors)

I trained overseas - can I apply?

For the accredited trainee position, the eligibility is to hold general registration in Australia. If you have completed medical studies overseas, you need to follow the IMG pathways available for registration at the Australian Medical Council website: AMC Australian Medical Council Limited. If you have trained overseas as a Radiologist, please see information below: RANZCR

I am overseas trained and have been assessed by the College and need an unaccredited position at an accredited site. Am I eligible to apply?

Even if you have already received a letter from RANZCR post assessment asking you to work a stipulated time at an accredited site (unaccredited position), the Advanced Trainee position is unfortunately not the right one to apply for. Please look for unaccredited positions or for Senior Resident positions - these are advertised by hospitals directly. They may look at supporting the IMG position, as a different process applies for hiring them along with the registration involvement etc. Training Networks do not have responsibility for IMGs and may only become sparingly involved if you are appointed at a Network site.


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