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Getting Started in Psychiatry Handbook.

The Sydney West & Greater Southern Psychiatry Training Network wishes to thank the author, Dr Varun Kumar for his diligence in the production of this handbook. His dedication in the support and welfare of our trainees is well received.

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Westmead Hospital

  • OCI/OSCE - Every Monday 2pm-5pm, WECC Tutorial Room
  • Psychiatry journal club - Every Wednesday, 1:10pm-2pm, Castldi Room
  • Psychiatry grand rounds - 1pm - 2pm

Cumberland Hospital

  • Mental Health Resource on CIAP, 22/04 24/05 & 22/06 1 hour
  • Psychiatry ground rounds - Every Tuesday, 1pm - 2pm
  • Psychiatry Journal Club - Every Wednesday

Nepean Hospital

  • Psychiatry grand rounds - Every Tuesday, 11.45am - 12:30pm, South Block
  • Psychiatry Journal Club - Every Thursday, 11.30am-12:30pm, Mental Health Centre

Blacktown Hospital

  • Psychiatry grand rounds - Every Second Tuesday, 1:30pm - 2:30pm, South Block
  • Psychiatry Journal Club - Every Second Thursday, 1.30pm-2:30pm, Mental Health Centre

Goulburn Hospital

  • Psychiatry Journal Club - Every Tuesday, 12:30-1:30pm


The conversion of a sceptic - Dr Sean Hogan's road to rural practice podcast

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Westmead Hospital

  • Psychotherapy training - C4A Westmead:
    • Every Tuesday 11am-12pm & 1pm-2pm
    • Every Wednesday 11am - 12pm
    • Every Thursday 2:30pm-3:30pm
  • Psychotherapy Case Discussion - Every Tuesday, 5pm-6pm, C4A Westmead
  • Master of Psychotherapy - Every Tuesday, 8am-12pm, C4A Westmead



A few local workshops in various time slots during working hours, including case Formulation, Therapeutic Alliance, and Developing a Scholarly Project to run


NSW Institute of Psychiatry (IoP) Course

Westmead Hospital

  • First year trainees - Every Tuesday, 2pm-5pm
  • Second year trainees - Every Wednesday, 1pm-5pm
  • Third year trainees - Every Thursday, 1pm-5pm


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