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The Doctors' Health Advisory Service

The Doctors' Health Advisory Service (NSW) aims to ensure that every doctor, dentist, veterinarian or student in these professions has ready access to health care.


NSW Doctors Health Advisory Service (also for Northern Territory doctors)
NSW help line: +61 2 9437 6552 (24-hour service)
Click here to visit the website.


Doctors' Welfare

Many personal and professional issues can adversely affect the wellbeing of anaesthetists and pain medicine specialists at all stages of their careers
Welfare of Anaesthetists SIG
To protect the personal and psychological wellbeing of its Fellows and trainees, ANZCA offers a range of resources through the Welfare of Anaesthetists Special Interest Group.
The resources are available here.
For further information specific to pain medicine specialists and to learn more about the Welfare of Anaesthetists SIG or to contact its members please click here.


The Happy MD

Since 2011, has been the leader in the prevention of physician burnout for individual doctors and healthcare organizations.


Bullying: The 6 Minute Toolbox Talk Infosheet

Workplace Services has develeped this guide to provide you with information, you can download it here.
If you have further questions, please contact the team on (02) 9845 3547.


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