The WSLHD’s Research and Education Network (REN) is a unique facility in Australia providing an efficient function to organise key services to sustain and grow research, education, innovation and commercialisation within the LHD. It serves as a leader, facilitator, advocate and broker.

REN nurtures, governs, enhances and fosters innovation in clinical research and education. It provides support across the hospitals and health services of WSLHD in medicine, nursing and midwifery, allied health, oral health, population health, integrated/community care and mental health.

REN supports research and education for staff to establish their projects and programs, negotiates space, facilities and equipment for education and research. It helps navigate required administration processes and establish and support the growth of research and teaching


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WSLHD Research and Education Directory

REN Directory REVISED A 190721 


Research and Education Strategic Plan

REN Strategy TN2 

Research and Education Strategic Vision