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All WSLHD staff are welcome to attend. Enrol through HETI Online via the Application tab. Search for the course via course name/code. For students interested in attending one of these courses, please speak to a member of the library staff to register your interest.

What topics can I get trained on?

You can arrange for training on any information and library related topics including:
  • Beginner and advanced searching using specific databases such as Medline and PubMed
  • Conducting an evidence based search
  • Developing an effective search strategy
  • Using the Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP)
  • Library resources and services available
  • Using the Library Catalogue

Alternatively search for the following scheduled CIAP training sessions using My Health Learning: DEV14056Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP) Navigation
DEV14045 Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP) Overview of Medical Resources
DEV14053 Searching for Nursing Resources
DEV14058 Mental Health Resources of Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP)
DEV14047 Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP) Overview for Allied Health
DEV14055 Searching for Drug Resources and Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP)
DEV14054 Introduction to MEDLINE and EMBASE
DEV14052 Advanced searching on MEDLINE using Ovid SP
DEV14057 Searching Medline comprehensively

How do I arrange training?

Email to arrange either one-on-one or group training. You can also arrange orientation sessions for new staff on the Library or an in-service at your location.
Alternatively you can register for training sessions that have been scheduled using My Health Learning at Auburn Hospital Library, Blacktown Hospital Library and Westmead Hospital Library.

Tutorials and Guides

Click here for a list of online tutorials.  A range of resources are available on the library's Guide page

CIAP (Clinical Information Access Program)

CIAP provides access to clinical information and resources to support evidence-based practice at the point of care.
CIAP is available to all staff working in the NSW public health system.

Links to CIAP and CIAP training information

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