2019-2020 saw the development of the WSLHD Mental Health Carer Council. This small but dedicated group have made great strides with their action-oriented agenda:

  • “Keith’s Closet”- a dedicated space on a ward where good quality clothing is stored for new patients to ensure their dignity on the occasion that they arrive at hospital in only the clothes they are wearing
  • Access to audio visual communication for patients
  • Designated visitor parking
  • Healthy food available for patients and visitors on Cumberland campus
  • Ward orientation program

Who is driving the Mental Health Carers Council?

Carer Representatives Chris Stavenhagen, Jackie Hatswell, Dianne Kingsley, Lydia Vujica and Pastor Colin Ward  are meeting monthly to progress their agenda, supported by the executive team, in particular Ms Maureen Fitzpatrick (since left the position), Professor Bill Brakoulias and Ms Carolyn Fozzard.

Strategically, discussions took place with these consumers about what they wanted to achieve. This conversation was then taken to the Executive of the Mental Health Service who were keen to develop a co-designed agenda with their Carer Representatives.

Ms Cathy Kearney undertook the foundational work for this Council's formation. She is acknowledged for her dedication and commitment to improving the mental health patient experience at Cumberland hospital.

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