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Why do I need to get involved with WSLHD?

Western Sydney is one of most culturally diverse district on the planet. That diversity means we need to understand the health needs of our people. Our relationships with community members and consumer representatives deliver that understanding.

What is consumer partnership?

Consumer partnership means building relationships based on trust. It enables two-way communication.

Partnership takes time. Relationships build and respect grows as staff and Consumer Representatives partner in activities focused on shared goals.

What is a consumer?

Anyone who needs or could need health services is a consumer.

They may be a carer (often an unpaid family member or loved one) of a previous or current patient.

What is a Consumer Representative?

Community members across Western Sydney can become Consumer Representatives because they want to collaborate with staff to improve quality and safety of healthcare.

We talk more about this in the next section.

This Consumer Representative role was developed from best practice and in collaboration with the WSLHD Consumer Representatives.

What does community mean?

“Community” refers to groups of people or organisations with shared local or regional interest in health. These groups of people may be interested because they live in a particular place, have a particular cultural background, religion or language.

In Western Sydney, Partnerships grow through our hospital-based Community Councils which consist of a wide range of community leaders from primary, secondary and tertiary education, faith-based organisations, transport, police, local and state governments, a range of social enterprises, housing and a number of other inter-sectoral partners. These organisations help us understand our communities and gives us opportunities to support the social care that is essential for good healthcare outcomes.

Auburn Hospital Community and Consumer partnership-building campaign

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