I am an engineer by background. Will I be using this background to contribute to my activities as a Consumer Representative?

No. As a Consumer Representative you are using your experiences of either being in hospital yourself or loved ones being in hospital in one of our facilities. You use these experiences when you collaborate with staff to improve health services. You cannot separate yourself from your professional experiences, and it may influence the way you approach a problem. However your main purpose is to bring the awareness of what it is like to be a person – a patient, a carer, a friend or loved one – who experiences our health services in Western Sydney.

I live with a disability and receive a pension. Will I be able to claim reimbursement for my travel expenses when the activity I have agreed to requires me to go to one of WSLHD hospitals?

Yes. You keep your receipts for travel and fill in a short form. We can reimburse your expenses for petrol if you keep a log of your mileage. The limit for any one reimbursement is $50.

I am not available on the first Tuesday of the month. Does that mean I cannot be a Consumer Representative?

No. Although there are many benefits to attending the Consumer Council meeting, there are still opportunities to learn and connect with others. We keep records of all our Consumer Council meetings in the Microsoft TEAMS channel, and copies of all the presentations.

How do I access parking?

All Consumer Representatives will be provided a pass for the boom gate to access hospital parking areas or will be provided with validated parking.

I want these documents in a paper copy but don’t want to use my printer, what do I do?

You can ask the Community and Consumer Partnership team to print them for you.

Where do I go if I have a question?

You can contact Alicia Wood on 0418186829 or Nicola Motton-Palmer on 0437874244 - or ask your fellow Consumer Representatives.

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