Consumer Partnership

What are the benefits of becoming a consumer representative?

When staff of WSLHD and people who use the health service build a partnership together, several things happen including:

  1. staff members have a better understanding of the needs of their health consumers and can work collaboratively to make health services more helpful
  2. communities gain a greater understanding of how the health system works and have a better understanding of what health services can and cannot provide
  3. community involvement improves all the paperwork used to communicate with communities across the district
  4. health services improve for you and other people living in western Sydney and beyond. Services become safer and their quality improves. Health services become easier for people to access and are more likely to meet your health care needs regardless of your cultural or social background.

What do consumer representatives say?

“I felt like I got to know the health system on a much deeper level. The conversations I have in my role as a consumer representative give me great insight into the challenges faced by the health service.”

“It’s great knowing that my participation in my committees and workshops makes a difference. I feel heard and I feel that bringing my perspective to the table really helps keep the group focused on what matters to patients and families.”