WSLHD Youth Council

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WSLHD Youth Council

WSLHD places high value on youth participation – this involves young people being active in decision-making processes for issues that affect their healthcare.

Mission of Youth Participation in WSLHD

Through empowerment, purposeful engagement and inclusiveness, WSLHD wants to engage young people as partners in their health-care with a mission to:

  • Develop the voice of adolescent and young adult health in western Sydney,
  • Increase young people’s understanding of health and improve health literacy,
  • Contribute to the development of youth focused health services,
  • Make recommendations and suggestions to enhance current health services in western Sydney,
  • Develop and inform policy about transition care from paediatric to adult services, and;
  • Advocate on planning, development, integration and implementation of policy development and programs for young people.

Opportunities for Youth Participation in WSLHD

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) is seeking young people aged between 16 to 24 years of age to get involved in these opportunities.

Apply to join the WSLHD Youth Council:

  • The council’s role is to provide information and local perspectives on how to improve the health of young people in western Sydney.
  • Members assist with the management and delivery of projects.
  • We provide opportunities to develop leadership experience, public speaking development and presentation opportunities at youth health forums, conference and expos.

*Please note that applying to the Youth Council requires a time commitment. We meet monthly at 6.30-8.30pm on a Wednesday night at Westmead Hospital. Members are also required to contribute in between meetings through a WhatsApp group.

Express interest in being added to our Consumer Engagement network:

  • Young people on this list will be provided with opportunities to participate in face to face consultation sessions to explore and respond to a particular issue or opportunity that matters to them.
  • These sessions will enable young people to meet other likeminded young people, and raise their voice to advocate for necessary and accessible health services for young people in western Sydney.

Online feedback:

  • Young people will be able to use an online platform or email to provide feedback on local health plans, strategies and service proposals.
  • Complete surveys to provide your feedback and insights on a certain issue or topic.
  • Be informed and kept up to date about the health services available for young people in western Sydney.

"The young people we are looking for want to be involved in the decisions made by the health service. We acknowledge diversity and encourage this within our young people and the group. Our aim is to improve how health services in western Sydney are delivered to young people."

How do I get involved?

If you are aged between 16-24 years old and live, work, study or have used health services in western Sydney, please complete an expression of interest which can be found here:

If you’d like more information about these opportunities please contact our team:

Molly Sinclair
Project Officer, Youth Transition Care, integrated and Community Health, WSLHD
Phone: 0437 425 249

Mae Rafraf
Project Support Officer, Youth Transition Care, Integrated and Community Health, WSLHD
Phone: (02) 8890 9031