Consumer Partnership

How do I become a consumer representative?

To become consumer representative in Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) you go through the same process as staff when they are applying for a job:

Consumer Representative

  • you apply
  • you meet for an interview
  • you complete some paperwork
  • you become a contingent worker with an ID badge
  • you are treated as a key internal partner for staff in WSLHD.

The eight steps to becoming a consumer representative

  1. let us know you are interested in getting involved
  2. do you want to become a consumer representative? Read more about the role on our What is a consumer representative page  
  3. you meet one of our team. We get to know each other, what you are interested in, how you want to be involved
  4. you agree and sign off on our code of conduct
  5. you complete a form for 100 points ID. You give us permission to undertake a national criminal record check. You give us two referees
  6. when the paperwork is done, this gets sent to our internal recruitment team to formally process
  7. once processed you get an ID badge with a number. When you are wearing this badge you are in the role of consumer representative
  8. you are invited to attend the WSLHD Consumer Council