Our speech pathologists help babies and children learn to communicate
and eat problem-free.

What we do

Speech pathologists help babies and children learn to understand and use words to communicate.

They help children who are difficult to understand, stutter and have voice difficulties.

Speech pathologists also help babies and children with feeding and swallowing problems.

Who we care for

Babies and children aged 0-7 years.

How to access this service

You can ask for this service by calling the Central Referral Service on 1800 600 681.

An administration officer will gather some information from you and pass your request on to the speech pathology team.

There may be waiting times for speech pathology services.

Service Providers please refer your clients using our referral form.  We will confirm acceptance of your referral following receipt and review of eligibility.

Frequently asked questions

cartoon1 cartoon2 Child development describes the changes in your child’s physical growth. As children grow they also learn social, emotional, behaviour, thinking and communication skills.

Learn the Signs Act Early is a new tool in your child's Blue Book that you can use
to learn about your child's brain and physical development.

We can help if you have questions about your child’s development.

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