Our Child and Family Health nurses offer parenting support and developmental health checks for babies and young children.

What we do

We provide support, guidance and information on how to care for babies and young children on topics like:

  • breastfeeding and infant feeding
  • sleep and settling strategies
  • coping with crying
  • baby's growth and development
  • immunisation
  • safety
  • playing with your baby or child
  • emotional health and wellbeing

We also run parent groups on topics like:

  • sleep and settling
  • parenting at different child development stages
  • emotional wellbeing for parents

Who we care for

Babies and children aged 0-5 years.

How to access this service

A Child and Family Health nurse will contact you after you arrive home with your new baby.

You can also ask for the service by calling the Central Referral Service on 1800 600 681.

Service Providers please refer your clients using our referral form.  We will confirm acceptance of your referral following receipt and review of eligibility.

Frequently asked questions

cartoon1 cartoon2 Child development describes the changes in your child’s physical growth. As children grow they also learn social, emotional, behaviour, thinking and communication skills.

Learn the Signs Act Early is a new tool in your child's Blue Book that you can use
to learn about your child's brain and physical development.

We can help if you have questions about your child’s development.

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