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    COVID-19 vaccination

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    Public Health (COVID-19 Vaccination of Health care Workers) Order 2021 | Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination | Vaccination clinics | Vaccination in-reach serviceBooster vaccinationsExposure to COVID-19Vaccination resources for staff

    Public Health (COVID-19 Vaccination of Health Care Workers) Order 2021

    The Order establishes mandatory requirements for health staff and persons working in health settings to be vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine.
    The Order requires the first dose of a vaccine by 30 September 2021, with a second dose required by 30 November 2021.

    NSW Health Determination No. 33 of 2021

    The Determination remains in force until rescinded and establishes mandatory requirements for COVID-19 vaccination to be employed or remain employed in the NSW Health Service.

    The Determination requires that at least 1 dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine must have been received as of 12 November 2021 and at least 2 doses on and from 30 November 2021.

    There will be an exemption if a worker is unable to be vaccinated due to a medical contraindication.

    A fact sheet about mandatory vaccination is available here.

    Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination

    All staff are required to show evidence of vaccination in order to enter our facilities. The easiest way to do this is to ensure your vaccination details are up to date in VaxLink, which is available through your StaffLink Employee Self Service (ESS).
    Your StaffLink profile is connected to your staff ID badge, which you need to tap on the card reader at our facility entrances.
    Please log into StaffLink and check your ‘Vaccination and Compliancy’ details are up-to-date from the Employee Self Service menu.
    If your details are out of date, you can upload evidence of your COVID-19 vaccination through the ‘Vaccination Evidence’ option in the Employee Self Service menu.
    The following evidence is acceptable:

    Instructions on how to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations is available on the Services Australia website.

    For more information and technical assistance on how to update your StaffLink profile through Employee Self Service, please refer to this help sheet: ESS Vaccination Evidence Form.

    Vaccination clinics

    • The Granville Centre WSLHD Vaccination Clinic is open 8am-6pm, seven days a week.


    The Blacktown Hospital Vaccination Clinic is located in the AIMSI building behind Blacktown Hospital, and is open Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm and 8am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

    The Granville Centre WSLHD Vaccination Clinic is open 8am-4pm seven days a week.

    For more information on COVID-19 vaccination in NSW visit the NSW Health website here.

    Vaccination in-reach service

    All inpatients & outpatients at WSLHD hospitals are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in their ward or outpatient clinic.

    To make a COVID-19 vaccination request on behalf of a WSLHD inpatient/outpatient, speak with the treating medical team/clinician or Nursing Unit Manager (NUM). The clinician/NUM will identify recipients and notify the WSLHD COVID-19 Vaccination Team who can facilitate a vaccination appointment.

    For more information, see the WSLHD Intranet.

    Booster vaccinations

    Anyone aged 16 years and over who received their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at least three months ago is now eligible for a booster.
    Studies show that the immunity created by COVID-19 vaccines begins to wane over time. A booster shot strengthens your immune system to help maintain a high level of protection against serious illness from COVID-19, and is strongly recommended for all healthcare workers.
    Booster doses are available now at more than 3,000 locations across NSW including all NSW Health vaccination clinics. To book, visit: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/covid-19-vaccine-clinic-finder.

    Exposure to COVID-19

    Advice for people who have been exposed to COVID-19

    If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or become symptomatic, please follow this link to understand your exposure risk, and follow the advice accordingly.

    • If you spent a long time/ interacted closely with someone who tested positive to COVID-19, do not visit high-risk settings (healthcare, aged care, disability care, correctional facilities) for the next 7 days and re-schedule your vaccination appointment outside this timeframe.
    • If you test positive for COVID-19, you must follow self-isolation guidelines and do not visit high-risk settings (healthcare, aged care, disability care, correctional facilities) for the next 7 days.
    • Please do not attend your appointment if you are feeling unwell or develop symptoms.

    Vaccination resources for staff

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